Specific with regard to the series of work I am currently doing, my work is very purposeful and is part of an on-going series of work revolving around the cause of wild animals and the issue of their freedom. The laws governing life, including our own, involve morality and abide in the consciousness of each one of us, yet are reflected in the external world. Through a reawakening of our higher natures, we should and can rectify our relationships to include groups of other kinds in slightly different forms such as wolves, horses and other wild animals.


The Earth has reached a critical state due to humanity’s near exclusive absorption in humanity alone. So much of what is killing our planet relates to the gross pollution and contamination of Earth’s air, water, soil, and even very living tissues and genomes that our modern lifestyle entails, by the same token, we are the solution to the problem and what must be changed does, indeed, concern how we live and what we do every day; and that depends upon our values in and for life. We humans must reconsider our relation with the rest of life and its great right to live free in the world of nature and how we ourselves can restore and harmoniously live at a modest level in this world.


I grew up with horses and my love of horses and my commitment to wild animals has been made deeper because of my Paso Fino horses (Paso Finos were the first horses brought to this continent from Europe with the Spanish Conquistadors and, also by Columbus on his second trip to this continent). Many of the wild horses in the West have this Spanish blood and therefore a blood connection to the very horses I own and which nourish my soul.


I have an MFA in Fine Art and multiple undergraduate degrees in Painting, Sculpture and Photography with an academic focus in post-colonial theory and analysis through art and artists.  Though my “main” job is about being an artist and the professional pursuits involved in that, I also teach at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.